Product Description

DCM conveyor dismountable metal detector is designed to detect inclusions of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel in bulk materials transported by conveyor belt.

Sectional casing

DCM metal detector with dismountable casing is easily integrated under any conveyor belt without belt speed limitations. During installation the dismountable design allows you to do without the conveyor modification, belt disconnection and ensures quick installation within a few hours.

High sensitivity to metal inclusions

DCM metal detector outclasses SCM in terms of sensitivity and provides maximum sensitivity in detecting inclusions of ferrous metal (Fe) Ø ≥ 2.0 mm, nonferrous metals (non-Fe) Ø ≥ 4.0 mm, stainless steel Ø ≥ 4.0 mm. High sensitivity allows for detector setup to protect equipment from wear and eliminate false rejects and line stoppage.

The above values are obtained under ideal conditions and can vary depending on the size of the aperture, detector operating frequency, unique properties of the products, location of inclusions in the flow and conditions of the process environment.

Continuous control

When metal inclusions are detected, the metal detector emits a sound / light signal and depending on selected option stops the conveyor, labels or rejects the contaminated product from the conveyor belt.

The sensor has ambient class NF1 design (ambient temperature – 35 / + 40 °С), which allows working in outdoors in any weather conditions.

Protection of process equipment from damage and premature wear

DCM conveyor metal detector reduces wear, prevents damage and downtime of crushing and size reduction equipment and eliminates resulting financial losses.

Touch Screen intuitive control

The control panel is a 7-inch high-definition touch screen with user-friendly interface: 3 levels of access to settings (operator, engineer, service specialist) are provided to prevent unauthorized access.

Storing up to 10 materials in memory

Individual settings for specific material/product are stored in the system memory, designed for 10 items.

Conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union

The equipment corresponds to requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 004/2011 “On Safety of low-voltage equipment” and TR CU 020/2011 “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment”. All required certificates are included in the scope of supply.

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Technical Characteristics

Series-produced standard models of DCM conveyor metal detectors are given in the table. Tailored solutions can be designed according to the order requirements.

Model Dimensions (LхWхH), mm Max. power consumption, W Weight, kg
DCM 800х250 1210х500х655 150 170
DCM 800х400 1210х500х805 150 180
DCM 800х600 1210х500х1005 150 190
DCM 1000х400 1410х500х805 150 190
DCM 1000х600 1410х500х1005 150 200
DCM 1000х800 1410х500х1205 150 215
DCM 1200х400 1610х500х805 150 205
DCM 1200х600 1610х500х1005 150 215
DCM 1200х800 1610х500х1205 150 225
DCM 1400х400 1810х500х805 150 215
DCM 1400х600 1810х500х1005 150 225
DCM 1400х800 1810х700х1205 150 235
DCM 1600х400 2010х700х805 150 225
DCM 1600х600 2010х700х1005 150 240
DCM 1600х800 2010х700х1205 150 250
DCM 1600х1000 2010х700х1005 150 265
DCM 1800х600 2210х700х1005 150 265
DCM 1800х700 2210х700х1105 150 300
DCM 2200х700 2610х700х1105 150 340

Ancillary Equipment

You can additionally order spare parts kit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment:
  • bearings
  • belt
You can optionally order a set of spare parts to ensure continuous operation of the equipment in extended configuration with a built-in conveyor and a rejection unit:
  • Access to complete information about operation of the machine (operation / idle, operating modes, error decoding, position of magnetic rods, cleaning period)
  • Power supply sensor
  • Incoming switch and contactors position control sensor
  • Equipment downtime monitoring
  • Door status control (open / closed)
  • Shock / vibration sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor

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