Product Description

Magnetic brackets PSM-VO are installed on railcar dumpers (wagon tipplers) during unloading bulk cargo (coal, ore, etc.) and are used in coal-tar and metallurgical plants, thermal power plants, construction industry, heavy machine building, transshipment points (sea and river ports).

High-efficiency NdFeB magnetic system

During dumping of the railcar, the cotter pin fixing the brake shoe can fall out of the bore hole, which can lead to inoperability of the brake system. The powerful magnetic field of Equipway PSM-VO brackets holds the pin in the block on the railway platform of the carriage during material unloading. Operation of the bracket is based on the principle of magnetic fields, generated by permanent magnets in ferromagnetic parts of the brake shoe and the cotter pin.

Unique solution for safety of works

ERGA specialists have created a unique solution for continuous unloading of railcars that has no analogs. In the process of platform maneuvers the brake shoe enters PSM-VO magnetic field, and the platform itself is fixed against displacement for further operations. The cotter pin is magnetized to the brake shoe elements. While the platform is dumped and cargo is unloaded from the railcar, the magnetic fields hold the pin, preventing it from falling out of the hole, which reduces further costs for their purchase and increases safety of rolling stock and rail traffic.

Easy to install and operate

The height of magnetic block of PSM-VO magnetic brackets can be adjusted with bolts. Installed easily using bolted connection, the cotter pin is held automatically without operator.

Efficiency x14 times higher!

Field trials of PSM-VO magnetic brackets at the coal terminal have proven their high efficiency. Thus, during the operation, there were 14 times less cotter pins fallen out of cars with magnets than in cars without them, which significantly increased overall efficiency of railcar dumpers.

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Technical Characteristics

The table below shows general characteristics of PSM-VO model. Specialists design and manufacture customized models of magnetic brackets for railcar dumper systems.

Technical characteristics of PSM-VO Values
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm 1920х790х393
Operating zone width, mm 1900
Magnetic system type Compound based on NdFeB alloy
Induction at 140мм from magnetic block surface, min, mT 65
Cotter pin holding effect, min., % 80
Max. mass, kg 1200

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