Product Description

ELKRON ESS electrostatic separator provides recovery of the finest metals and mineral particles with size from 0.040 to 8 mm and up to 99.8%. separation and cleaning efficiency of feed material.

Separation/cleaning efficiency up to 99.8%

Required separation mode is selected depending on feed material. Fine adjustment of the roll rotation frequency, position of the corona discharge and collecting electrodes, splitters and voltage of the corona electrode ensure up to 99.8% efficiency of separation and cleaning of the feed material.

High capacity

High capacity of ELKRON ESS machine is ensured by the enlarged diameter of collecting electrode (320 mm).

Automatic cleaning of electrodes

Automatic cleaning of collecting and corona discharge electrodes allows for downtime elimination.

Touch Screen intuitive control

The control panel is a 7-inch high-definition touch screen with user-friendly interface: 3 levels of access to settings(operator, engineer, service specialist). In addition to settings of main operating parameters of the product, it is possible to save settings of separation parameters for every type of material.

Dry separation method: pure economy!

ELKRON ESS electrostatic corona drum separator allows for replacement or supplement existing equipment, improving the quality of material separation with less power consumption and no time and money spent on water and drying**.

** comparing to wet separation method


– Separation of plastic from metal;

– Recycling of electric appliances;

– Recycling of LED lamps;

– Cable recycling;

– Recycling of PET bottles;

– Recycling of printed circuit boards;

– Recycling of plastic window profiles;

– Recycling of used tires.

Materials for dry concentration

– Precious metal ores of (Au, Ag);

– Non-metallic ores and materials (quartz sand, feldspar, etc.);

– Non-ferrous and rare metal ores of (titanium-zirconium, tin-tungsten, columbite-tantalite, etc.);

– Diamond-bearing ores.

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Technical Characteristics

Series-produced models of ELKRON ESS electrostatic separators are given in the table. Customized solutions can be designed according to the order requirements.

Model Roll/drum qty (flows х stages) Operating area length, mm Power, kW Dimenstions (LxWxH),mm
ESS-1L 150 1 150 0,25 600х515х1100
ESS-1L 300 1 300 1,4 1350х1200х1570
ESS-2 600 2(1х2) 600 6 1100х1100х3200
ESS-2 1000 2(1х2) 1000 8 1800х1100х3200
ESS-2 1200 2(1х2) 1200 8 2000х1100х3200
ESS-2 1500 2(1х2) 1500 9,5 2300х1100х3200
ESS-2 2000 2(1х2) 2000 6,3 2700х1100х4500
ESS-3 2000 3(1х3) 2000 8,5 2700х1100х5600
2ESS-2 2000 4(2х2) 2000 12,6 2700х2300х4500
2ESS-3 2000 6(2х3) 2000 17 2700х2300х5600

Ancillary Equipment

You can additionally order spare parts kit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment:
  • rolls
  • cleaning brush
  • bearing assemblies
  • tungsten wire
For this type of equipment there is an option of integrating Equipway REMOS remote monitoring system, providing monitoring of the separator status in real time. Available options:
  • Access to complete information about operation of the machine (operation / idle, operating modes, error decoding, position of magnetic rods, cleaning period)
  • Splitter, flap position sensor
  • Power supply sensor
  • Gas analyzer (ozone sensor)
  • Monitoring operation of electric motors (in case of variable speed drive)
  • Incoming switch and contactors position control sensor
  • Equipment downtime monitoring
  • Door status control (open / closed)
  • Shock / vibration sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor

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