Equipway Engineering Services Private Limited (EES) is a registered commercial importer and exporter under the current prevailing laws of Pakistan.

EES is a renowned and respectable name in Pakistan market for engineering and industrial products and/ services. Since its incorporation, EES has been achieving highest success landmarks by providing World-best quality standardized engineering and industrial products based on most advanced and latest operational technology.

EES has secured rich of blend experience in providing of, included but not limited to,

  • Drilling/Mining
  • Earth Moving
  • Stainless Steel
  • Professional Tools
  • Electrical Utilities (Lugs, Splices, Insulated Cable Connections, End Sleeves)
  • Bending/Pulling/Fishing, Cable Preparation & Termination, Test & Measurement Tools
  • Separators
  • Industrial metal detectors
  • Magnetic system and assemblies
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Metals Pressing, Cutting, Extrusion Equipment

We have most professional, educated and experience team consisting on FCMAs, Engineers and quality control personnel to ensure “Most advanced and turn-key solutions enhancing the current way of doing business to the latest technology for achieving efficiency and effectiveness”.



Be recognized as preeminent global training company of Engineering & Industrial products, passionately embraces latest technology leading  to the transformation of existing business philosophy to modernization.


Provide more advanced and turn-key solutions by achieving high nodes of quality turning supplier -customer relation into reliable business partners.

Equipway Engineering is a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment solutions, offering a diverse range tailored to various industries.