Laboratory magnetic Double-drum separator ERGA DrumMag M For Dusty Products

Laboratory double-drum magnetic separator for for dry separation of fine dusty materials

  • Efficient separation of dusty materials

    Efficient separation of dusty materials

  • Sealed housing

    Sealed housing

  • Highly efficient NdFeB magnetic system with intensity up to 900 mT

    Highly efficient NdFeB magnetic system with intensity up to 900 mT

  • Automatic cleaning

    Automatic cleaning

  • Customized selection of equipment

    Customized selection of equipment

  • Compact and mobile

    Compact and mobile

  • Easy to operate and maintain

    Easy to operate and maintain

  • Certificate of conformity to requirements of (technical regulations of the Customs Union) TR CU

    Certificate of conformity to requirements of (technical regulations of the Customs Union) TR CU

Product Description

Modification of ERGA DrumMag DM double-drum magnetic separator for recovery of magnetic inclusions from finely dispersed nonmagnetic materials in studying applicability of technological processes for dry concentration of bulk ores and nonmetallic materials and conducting scientific research in industrial and university laboratories.

  • Efficient separation of dusty materials

The separator is especially designed for difficult task of removing fine magnetic impurities from dusty material in dry environment. DrumMag M is equipped with the second drum for recovery of magnetic impurities from dusty materials (dolomite, limestone, gypsum, talc, clay, chalk, and other cohesive and abrasive materials). Maximally isolated zones of separation and discharge of products help to minimize loss of valuable finely dispersed product.

  • Sealed housing

The sealed housing and discharge connections for separated products reduce dusting during dry separation of finely dispersed materials, that provides comfortable operation with dusty materials indoors without any harm to the operators’ health.

  • Highly efficient NdFeB magnetic system with intensity up to 900 mT

Specially located magnetic systems of drums with increased magnetic intensity on the working surface up to 0.9 T (9 000 Gs) provide maximum recovery of magnetic impurities without power consumption for magnetic field generation unlike electromagnetic analogs.

  • Customized selection of equipment

Operating parameters of DrumMag M are selected individually depending on materials for efficient application in processing nickel and iron slags, bottom ash and fly ash, crushed magnetite, iron and chrome ores, dedusting plant dust, dolomites, magnesites, expanded clay and other refractory materials at processing plants in glass, refractories and abrasive industries.

  • Compact and mobile

The use of permanent magnets in the separator ensures its low power consumption. DrumMag M is distinct in compactness, easy maneuverability and convenient use in laboratory conditions.

  • Wide range of separation settings

Rotation frequency of DrumMag M magnetic drums can be adjusted separately, the presence of infeed hopper with a slide gate and a vibrating feeder in its design allows for adjustment of the process capacity and ensures monolayer material feed. Fine separation settings provide accurate separation of finely dispersed fractions by magnetic properties.

  • Automatic cleaning

Raw materials are separated in automatic mode without personnel involvement into the process. Continuous removal of magnetic inclusions in automatic mode improves separation quality.

  • Easy to operate and maintain

Simple and robust design with little maintenance ensures easy operation of DrumMag M laboratory separator. Magnetic drums are made of durable abrasion-resistant chrome-nickel steel.

The scope of supply of magnetic separators includes support frames (stationary or mobile configurations), infeed hoppers, vibrating trays, variable speed drives and optionally spare parts kit.

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Mining, Chemical

Technical Characteristics

Dry magnetic drum separator DrumMag M is designed and manufactured in laboratory and pilot configurations according to individual technical specifications

Ancillary Equipment

You can additionally order spare parts kit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment:
  • shell
  • bearings

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