AMC LIQUI POL™ is a rapid yielding, high molecular weight polymer in liquid form that provides viscosity without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. AMC LIQUI POL™ will help improve core recovery, particularly in clays and shales and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilise the formation.


AMC LIQUI POL™ may be used to prepare a solids free drilling fluid system; it exerts similar properties to powder polymers such as AMC CR 650™. It can be used as a single product, low solids fluid, or it can be combined with AMC GEL™ or other polymers such as AMC PAC™ to form a more robust mud system. It can also be used o with other clay and shale stabilisers such as potassium chloride or AMC SHALEHIB ULTRA™ to give a high degree of clay or shale stabilisation, although higher concentrations may be required to maintain viscosity

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