Development drill rigs DD421

Enhance your mining efficiency with the DD421 drilling rig, a reliable solution designed for precision in underground drilling.



60 m²

Hole length

3.44 - 4.66 m

Tramming type and distance

Hydrodynamic transmission - Diesel engine - MB OM904LA (110 kW, Tier 3, Stage IIIA)

Agile carrier

Agile carrier

DD421 features an agile frame-steered carrier that facilitates easy tramming in small tunnels. 

Hydraulic controls

Versatile drill

DD321 offers a versatile feed to increase productivity in a wide range of applications ensuring minimum length for short holes and maximum length for long holes. 

Robust and proven components

Robust and proven components

The compact drilling module allows for multi-directional drilling in low-heading tunnels. This, in combination with a range of well-designed robust components, increases equipment reliability and drilling efficiency.   

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