Development drill rigs DD321

DD321 is a compact two-boom jumbo capable of operating in demanding conditions, thanks to its flexibility to answer various needs such as face drilling, cross-cut drilling and bolt-hole drilling.



49 m²

Hole length

3.44 - 4.66 m

Tramming type and distance

​​Hydrodynamic transmission - Diesel engine – QSB 4.5 (124 kW, Stage IIIA)

Accuracy and efficiency

Accuracy and efficiency

The rig’s adaptive and advanced control system offers optimized drilling performance and tool life in all rock conditions.

Versatile drill

Versatile drill

DD321 offers a versatile feed to increase productivity in a wide range of applications ensuring minimum length for short holes and maximum length for long holes. 



The compact two-boom Sanvik DD321 ensures a reliable workplace for both operators and maintenance crews with well-designed structures, proven components and improved serviceability.  

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