AMC COREWELL™ is a sophisticated, multifunctional single sack system created especially for diamond coring and slim-hole drilling activities. AMC COREWELL™ provides superior core protection and side wall stabilisation. AMC COREWELL™ helps secure a native state, preserved sample allowing for more reliable core analysis data which ultimately leads to more accurate resource evaluations. AMC COREWELL™ employs physical mechanisms that entrap unconsolidated soils and cuttings to prevent dispersion.


AMC COREWELL™ produces a fluid system designed to protect exposed formation, imparting sample integrity and maximising recovery. AMC COREWELL™ is an easy-to-use, readily dispersible product that, unlike many other fluid systems, does not require additional components to enhance properties. AMC COREWELL™ forms a micro-network structure similar to a three dimensional web that layers out over the exposed formations effectively encapsulating clay and shale surfaces to support and protect.

The unique chemistry of AMC COREWELL™ ensures an immaculate sample is recovered. The concentration required to achieve the desired viscosity will increase slightly when used in systems containing inhibitive salts however the encapsulating power of AMC COREWELL™ will remain unaffected.

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