Tricone Bit Nozzles


Tricone bit nozzles are components found on tricone drill bits used in drilling operations, especially in the oil and gas industry. These nozzles are strategically placed on the tricone bit’s cone assembly and serve the purpose of directing drilling fluid (also known as drilling mud) onto the cutting teeth and rock formation being drilled. The drilling fluid helps to cool and lubricate the cutting teeth, carry away drilled cuttings, and maintain pressure within the borehole. Tricone bit nozzles come in various sizes, shapes, and configurations, allowing operators to optimize the drilling process by controlling the flow and distribution of drilling fluid. Proper selection and placement of tricone bit nozzles are critical for efficient drilling performance and tool longevity.

Dia Of Tricone bit Outer Dia  Inner Dia  Over All Length
Inch mm mm mm mm
3 1/2~5 1/2 88.9~139.7 20.3 4~10 17.5
5 5/8~7 3/8 142.9~187.3 23.6 5~16 19
7 1/2~8 1/4 190.5~209.6 29.8 7~18 21
8 3/8~14 3/4 212.7~374.6 33 8~20 27
≥14 3/4 ≥374.6 40.9 10~22 27

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