MA 100 2ID Rock Drill

The MA 100 2 ID Rock Drill is a hydraulic roto percussion rock drill with separated rotation, left and right.

This rock drill is mainly used in the execution of self-drilling anchors. It can work with either air or water flushing, standard threaded rods or self-anchoring rods with simultaneous mortar injection (grout). Its ideal uses are the operation concerning reinforcement, or anchorage in civil engineering job sites and deep drilling in all lithotype quarries.

The use of the rock drill MA 100 2 ID allows reaching high drilling speed, considerable depths, and record-breaking performance among the drills of the same weight and size.

The MA100 2 ID is suitable for drill rods from R25 – R32 – R38 / R51,

  • ISCHEBECK Titan 30 – 40 / 52.
  • Feeding: Hydraulic
  • Impact Energy: 110 ft lbf
  • Rotation Torque: 1475 / 737 lbft
  • Shanks: R25/R32/R38/R51 ISCHEBEDECK TITAN 30/40/52
  • Weight: 241 lb

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