GD955-7 Motor Graders

Introducing the latest mining grader, the GD955-7. Weighing in at nearly 47 tonnes and 426 horsepower, this grader is designed to be a highly productive unit, achieved through its market-leading blade downforce and high engine horsepower enabling faster operating speed. The GD955 also boasts extended component lives compared to the previous model. The GD955-7 is built to thrive in the rugged conditions of Australian mining, and its structural integrity is a testament to its design philosophy.

The GD955 is well matched to larger haul trucks, making it a great addition to mining fleets. And it comes standard with a 360° camera system, KomVision, which houses a 5-camera system to provide a view around the vehicle using the KomVision monitor, with an additional rearview monitor for reversing and ripping operations.

Bearing type circle to greatly reduce downtime

A product first for graders, we are introducing a bearing for the blade swing circle, like that used on the PC300. With the factory-installed autolube, the blade circle is maintenance-free with no need for adjustments or replacement of wear plates. With a targeted bearing life of 16,000 hours, this drastically reduces downtime compared to the previous maintenance-intensive component.

Operator environment features

The GD955-7 features grader fingertip fine control functionality and a palm steer option for precise grading. For high speed tramming between job locations, we’ve retained the steering wheel.

High productivity

This grader has the highest effective blade down force, the longest wheelbase, the most power, fastest operating speed and the highest operating weight in its class.

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