GD555-5 Motor Graders

Our GD555-5 144 kW grader features outstanding visibility to the blade and work areas, as well as a unique dual-mode transmission system that provides the option of full powershift or lockup automatic torque converter. As with all graders, key components are designed and manufactured to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with the Komtrax remote monitoring and location system, backed by a world-wide service and support network.

High Performance Engine

Electronic heavy duty common rail fuel injection system provides optimum combustion of fuel. This system also provides fast throttle response to match the machine’s powerful tractive effort and productivity.

Power on Demand

Normally, the variable displacement pump idles at low output. When it senses a load requirement, the pump supplies quick flow and pressure to match the demand. The result is less hydraulic system heat, quick response and lower fuel consumption. The bottom line is greater efficiency.

Versatile Moldboard Geometry

Graders feature a versatile moldboard geometry. Save time and money when pulling ditches by throwing the windrow to the right, not the roadway – without narrowing the road bed. It’s made possible by extraordinary reach and aggressive blade angle.

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