Development drill rigs DD422iE

DD422iE is a battery-powered mining jumbo designed to remove emissions while tramming. It reduces noise, thermal load and requirements for ventilation capacity, making the underground working environment safer for the teams in operation.



60 m²

Hole length

3.44 - 5.88 m

Tramming type and distance

BEV - 3.7 kilometers in 1:7 ramp upwards

100 kWh onboard batteries

100 kWh onboard batteries

With the intelligent power management system, patented by Sandvik, you accomplish battery charging during the normal drilling cycle. This ensures maximum tramming energy is always available.

TFX telescopic feed

TFX telescopic feed

The versatile feed allows for multipurpose drilling, including face drilling, bolt hole drilling, bolt installation and cross cuttings in a limited space where both long and short rods are required.

Dual controls

Dual controls

The dual controls option allows true multipurpose usage of the drill, improving fleet optimization, versatility and performance. DD422iE can be used across multiple applications.

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