Product Description

Automatic mixing unit “M20” is composed of three main elements which are::

  • Turbomixer “TM1500”
  • Agitator “A2500”
  • Water tank for turbomixer

The operation of M20 can be performed in two different ways: MANUAL / AUTOMATIC. Setting the automatic mode, the group ensures a hourly production capacity of 20m3 with full independence. In fact the presence of a water tank ensures the inflow of water required by the mixer in the shortest possible time. The dosages to perform the mixes and the number of components to be incorporated are completely at the discretion of the operator, which can be set various recipes of work, store and eventually download them through a USB port.

The turbomixer is equipped with a weighing system with load cells to ensure to dose, with extreme precision, the components to be mixed.

The group is provided with a compressor that feeds the distribution manifold for the management of pneumatic valves for recirculation and distribution of the product. This can also be used for other utilities independently.

The recirculation valves and flow output from the turbo mixer have a functioning principle different from those in the butterfly, in fact they work to pinch on an air chamber, thereby preventing any deposits or residues of cement.

All ducts for the circulation of the slurry/grout are done using flanged pipes in order to make easy to inspect and washable each component.

The group M20 combines robustness and efficiency in a compact and reliable set.

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