3000LHP Pneumatic Drill Carrier

The 3000 is a compact pneumatic drill carrier for underground long hole drilling. The 3000LHP Drill Carrier sports the rugged and dependable 36IR Independent Long Hole Drill mounted on a MKV Feed Assembly with a five Lever Remote Control Panel and a Heavy Duty Centralizer.

The unit is powered by two pneumatic motors turning gear boxes connected to a chain drive assembly to produce four wheel drive, traction steering and passive braking.

The drill carrier is designed to work in mine headings as small as 8ft x 8ft but still packs all the drilling versatility and power of the 36IR Long Hole Drill.

The rugged all welded steel plate frames can be quickly and easily separated into smaller sections for transportation through smaller openings.

Tires are solid 700-15-5.5 and the machine is leveled by four outrigger stabilizing hydraulic jacks. The traverse is hinged to allow the drill table to be dumped from +15° to -50°. The 36IR drill is moved laterally along the traverse by a feed screw. Traverse available in 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96″ width.

Canyon supplies a complete 36-IR Long Hole Drill package mounted on the carrier for 3 inch diameter holes to 150 feet.

Canyon can supply a complete BBC120 Long Hole Drill package mounted on the carrier for 2 inch diameter holes to 100 feet.

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