250 Sinker Drill

The new 250 drills have larger mating faces between major cylinder components for reduced air leakage and longer wearing life.

  • All internal parts in 250 Stopers are also used in 250 Jacklegs, Sinkers and Quarry drills
  • High penetration, and strong torque
  • Convenient operating controls, with push-button leg retraction and adjustable motorcycle control feed
  • Positive lubrication with good front end blow
  • Larger mating faces between major cylinder components for longer life and less wear
  • Improved pusher leg is available with a stainless steel piston rod to prevent corrosion and pitting
  • Available with a three-inch stainless steel leg cylinder for increased push and penetration in hard ground
  • New style steel puller for collared steel available. Uses rock drill oil or grease

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