D65EX/PX/WX-16 Dozers

Now available with the latest technology from Equipway, this bulldozer is presented in standard, low-ground-pressure, and wide track configurations.

The D65EX/PX/WX-16 bulldozer, imported by Equipway, features operating weights ranging from 20.5 to 22.9 tonnes and offers a choice of PAT, Sigma, or semi-U blades.

The innovative Sigmadozer is designed to reduce digging resistance, smoothly rolling up material for increased blade loads.

Equipped with an automatic transmission featuring a lockup torque converter, the bulldozer enhances fuel consumption efficiency.

Operators benefit from complete control through the Palm Command Control System (PCCS).

Key components of the bulldozer are meticulously designed and manufactured by Equipway, ensuring seamless integration in a comprehensive package. Additionally, it comes standard with Equipway’s remote monitoring and location system, supported by their Australia-wide service and support network.

For inquiries about new and used dozers for sale, kindly request a quote below.

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